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Employment Verification

With recession, the rise in the number of red-flagged, embellished resumes has been dramatic. Previous company records don’t reflect claims in the candidate’s CVs. Or he might be trying to cover up gaps in employment by lying about tenure. Such cases are common these days. Our Employment Verifications are an apt and affordable way to know who you are hiring. V Verifyy validates the candidate’s employment claims against what he/she has documented in the online profile form.

Education Verification

This is a simple way to test honesty. Every year, 100’s of aspirants provide false educational details. Claims to master’s degrees gotten at unauthorized foreign and unrecognized Indian institutions abound. Strange, bogus credentials like “degrees based on life experience” are common. Our verification unearths degrees “awarded” for cash (we have case studies on these). At "V Verifyy", we check these to prevent legal complications for you later.

Address Verification

Companies ask for the candidate’s address because he/she could be given allowances or company mobiles phones, laptops after joining. ‘Know Your Client’ norms require address checks. Imagine what happens when an employee disappears and you discover that the given address is false or incorrect? At V Verifyy we flag these frauds. We go one step further. We ensure that our client receives an authentic photograph of the given address along with signed proof from the family member/neighbor.

Reference Verification

References are often misleading because in 99% of the cases the person referring the candidate is not a well-known industry name. A dishonest candidate could provide vague but somewhat appealing references or even forge them. We even record our phone conversation with the reference and provide it as ‘evidence’ to you. For further authenticity, wherever possible we get photographic evidence of the reference for you. That makes the check complete. Can anybody beat that!?

Criminal Verification

Crime and Terrorism are on the rise globally. Candidates with criminal backgrounds and terrorist links are dangerous! They who have lied, cheated, stolen, damaged company property are given to repeating such offences. Protect yourself by keeping them out. We screen profiles for criminal records, get vital legal information. We help build safe, honest and reliable teams. In many cases you are required by law to conduct criminal verification checks.

Credit Verification

Many positions require employees to handle cash, credit or other sensitive information. Credit verifications have become the norm in pre-employment screening. They reveal inconsistent payment histories, bankruptcies and legal action. Even some non-financial firms request credit history checks these days. Our reports enable you to decide whether the candidate is fit for a given financial responsibility.

Overseas Employment Verification

Candidates with work experience abroad embellish roles, responsibilities, CTC, designations in their resumes. Our wide network of associates and partners in India and abroad ensures that the claimed credentials are checked without delays. Dishonest candidates revel with the false notion that you have no way of verifying his claims to experience abroad. Why fear when globally connected V Verifyy is here? You can keep liars out of your firm while V Verifyy does the round-the-world checking.

Drug Screening Test

Drug abuse (including alcoholism) is rampant. Associated physical and psychiatric illnesses might lower productivity of individuals hindering team and organizational growth. Drug users pose potential risks your company. We provide drug test reports carried out by leading & authorized laboratories adhering strictly to quality norms. As other verification reports, drug test reports are confidential; delivered to you securely. By keeping drug users out, you safeguard your resources and public image.

Matrimonial Verification

Marriage certificate anomalies are costly if you offer insurance, family security for employee dependents. In case of employee’s death, you need to pay nominee pension, retrials, insurance claims and earned leave encashment. What if marriage details are incorrect? We help you validate the authenticity of the certificate of marriage/divorce. We verify certificates with the issuing authority. This verification is done with just a photocopy of the document.

Vendor Verification

Loopholes in proper vendor management controls also result in corruption and bribery in Procurement Departments when unqualified vendors are awarded contracts based on “relationships”. A vendor verification process is essential to prevent frauds when new vendors are added by staff or others on deputation. Favors in cash and kind for awarding supply contracts are common in the private sector too.

Identity Verification

With the increase in fraud, it becomes very important to authenticate the originality of the identity proof given by the candidate. At V VERIFYY, we check for the genuinity of the ID proof, by doing a thorough verification.

Tenant Verification

By law landlords require to check out tenants. Thanks to a rise in thefts, terrorism. We do this for you cost-effectively, swiftly and deliver high-quality reports. The report will help you include additional terms in agreements to cover for safety and regular payment. Imagine a scenario where the tenant uses the property for running a brothel clandestinely and you are living in another city after leasing out your flat to this tenant.

Land Owner Verification

Real estate deals are among the riskiest. Rise in land transaction frauds necessitate authenticity checks of the land owners too. We do this for cost-effectively, swiftly and deliver high-quality reports. Don’t ink the deal and pay up till we have checked out the earlier transactions on the property. Are there “things” you are unaware of? Horror stories of cheated investors abound; plots hopelessly tied up in courts for decades, sites with three “legal” owners.