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How We Work:

“V Verifyy” stands for professionalism, flexibility, client interface. We are tech-savvy. Our system-to-system interface makes us thorough, fast and easy-to-work-with. We maintain Disclosure and Consent practice; Human rights and Privacy compliance. Here’s what makes us best-in-class:

Data Security/Integrity:

Our state-of-the-art software enables you to access completed reports 24/7. Security & Data Integrity is the key. Reports are accessed only by the recruiter or the designated Point-of-Contact. Unique login credentials are provided by us. We are in the process of being considered for ISO 27001:2013(For Data Protection) & 9001:2008 (Quality management Systems).

Web-based progress monitoring:

We adopt a web-based screening process. The point-of-contact with login credentials can access our online system and constantly monitor our progress. Completed candidate online profile form details are forwarded to V Verifyy; assigned to the relevant teams within and made securely available to you online.

Specific focus:

We are highly focused on six determinants that underwrite all our reports:

  1. Existence of information in target area: If information is missing we get back to the client point-of-contact and request data again. If the data provided is incomplete. This is the industry norm.

  2. Strict data protection policies: We remain accountable for data protection from process kick-off till delivery.

  3. Authentication of data: Authenticity in reporting is our core value. Processes are closely monitored, vetted. We remain vigilant to ensure that only the complete details are provided.

  4. Confidentiality: Using employee information for client purposes only is an ethic that is practiced by all at V Verifyy. Any violation of this rule shall not be allowed.

  5. Timeliness of delivery: A good report on time is always appreciated more than an excellent report delivered two weeks past deadline. We understand this and deliver IN time.

  6. Cost-effectiveness: Chopping off wastage is at the heart of any lean process. We practice it. The benefits accrue to you – our valued customer.

Natural fitment:

Our processes are engineered to fit your existing processes. Such alignment is rare in the industry. We have it!

Dedicated Staff:

The leadership has prized experience in related domains like Criminology, Human Resources, Business & Management. Our DOERS remain unbiased and customer-friendly.


Unlike others, we are scalable. Owing to networks not just in India but also overseas we can support large firms that hire more and frequently.

Robust Account Management:

We maintain clear lines of communication with you at all times. Our account management processes have won client appreciation.

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